Radiation Monitoring by Mail Services


The University of Wisconsin Radiation Monitoring by Mail (UWRMM), a division of the University of Wisconsin Radiation Calibration Laboratory (UWRCL), provides radiation monitoring and QA services by sending Thermoluminescent Dosimeters (TLDs) or Radiochromic film to the customer through the mail. These devices are exposed by the customer and returned to the UWMRRC for reading and analysis. Reports are generated and sent to the customer. It is our goal to provide the most prompt and accurate service possible.

Therapy patient monitoring by TLDs are made on patient or on phantom, using well characterized TLDs. In addition, we have the ability to make mammographic, general diagnostic, and CT exposure measurements using TLDs. CLICK HERE to order Patient monitoring TLDs.

For questions regarding UWRMM services, please e-mail us at: rmm@uwmrrc.wisc.edu
You may also phone us at: 608/265-9579
Therapy TLD Service
TLDs are used to monitor the dose to areas receiving direct radiation as well as areas that should be shielded from the primary beam. Sets of dose-response TLDs are included with each set (no charge) which are exposed by the customer to known radiation doses from a single beam energy. These doses bracket the doses expected during the therapy exposures. The dose-response TLD data provided to us by the customer are used to establish the dose-response to TLD reading through linear regression analysis.  Reports are usually completed and faxed to the customer the same day that the chips are received by the UWRCL. We recommend using more than one chip at each patient site.
This technique of measurement of radiation dose using TLDs on the institution's therapy machine should not in any way substitute for measurement of the radiation dose using an ionization chamber system. The results rely entirely on the placement of the TLDs in the radiation field and the calibrations exposures performed by the institution's personnel. These variables are entirely out of the control of the University of Wisconsin Radiation Calibration Laboratory. Therefore, the results rely upon the institution's best medical physics judgement whether the results indicate that it would be necessary to follow up these measurements with ionization chamber measurements or in some other manner.
Therapy TLD Service Pricing
Set of 3 Patient TLDs $75
Patient TLDs (5 or more) $20 each
Discounts available for orders of 5 sets and more.
Radiochromic FIlm Service
This service provides a comparison of mechanical center and radiation field isocenter and/or 3 dimensional dose profiles for Gamma Knife or stereotactic radiosurgery fields. Designed to fulfill the film dosimetry section of the QA procedure recommended by the AAPM (Report No. 54), the service utilizes International Specialty Products model HD810 film for maximum resolution.
Radiochromic Film Service Pricing
Basic film service (2 filme, analysis, report, data on CD) $750
Additional Films (each) $180
TLD-based Linear Accelerator Output Verification
This service provides an independent, third party verification of linear accelerator output for photon and electron energies under AAPM TG-51 conditions using calubrated TLDs packaged in Virtual Water™ waterproof ion chamber surrogates, For more information, go to the Linac Output Verification page. You can also CLICK HERE for the Linear Accelerator Output Verification Order Form
 Description Per Beam Quality
TG-51 linear accelerator based output verification  $100
Dose Verification for Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation (APBI)
This service provides an independent, third party exit skin dose verification for 192Ir-based intercavitary APBI therapy. Each fraction is measured using 137Cs- or 60Co-calibrated TLDs.
Description Unit Cost
APBI dose verification TLD Service Set of 10 TLDs $200
Special Projects TLD Service
TLDs are used to characterize the beams from CT machines, bone densitometers, etc. Calibration of the TLDs may be performed by the UWRCL or by the customer depending on the beam energy and the exposure level. TLDs can be loaded into customer-supplied phantoms or rods. Please contact us regarding phantom use
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